When I’m out taking photos, it feels like I’m in my own world and nothing else seems to matter; I am at one with the scenery that surrounds me. I feel excited yet tranquil at the same time, as weird as that may be.

I have a passion for taking landscapes, nature, travel, and long exposures.

Email: paolonacpil@gmail.com
Recommended Photography Blogs

I wanted to do my part in sharing the work of some of the talented and inspiring people that I follow here on tumblr and whose posts I really look forward to. These are arranged in no particular order.

jzaphotography.tumblr.com - James’ cityscape and architectural images are stunning. 

backpackerchronicles.tumblr.com - Richard has a nice collection of landscape, nature and travel photos. 

njwight.tumblr.com - NJ has a diverse collection of interesting wildlife photos.

nicholasdyee.tumblr.com - Nicholas has nature and architectural shots which are absolutely captivating.

jordanvoth.tumblr.com - Jordan’s portraits always seem to effortlessly convey the emotions of his subjects.

nosamk.tumblr.com - Keith takes impressive landscapes.

reneelouiseanderson.tumblr.com - Renee takes photos of various subjects; I love the tone of her images and she has really creative self-portraits.

youmebookbednow.tumblr.com - Jash’s fashion and portrait work never ceases to amaze.

kyokphotography.tumblr.com - Kyo’s nightscapes and images of Japan are brilliant. 

amchphotography.tumblr.com - Alejandro always seems to find the most interesting scenes which are hidden in plain sight for most of us. 

nickgerber.tumblr.com - Nick always takes wonderful photos of all his travels.

palawanrepublik.tumblr.com - He has always produced the best macro work!

rcwgrey.tumblr.com - Rob’s black and white and minimalist photos are always inspiring. 

theedricchen.com - Edric’s fashion shots inspire me to learn portraiture and fashion in the future.

Lensblr (http://lensblr.com/members)

Lastly, if you’re looking for original photo blogs to follow then this would be a great place to start. Simply browse through their members page or the submissions page.

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